Cinyee Chiu is a Taiwanese illustrator who values a sustainable lifestyle. After traveling around the world for 1.5 years between 2018 and 2019, now living between Colombia and Taiwan. She got her illustration MFA from Maryland Institute College of Art. Her works appear in book covers, picture books, animations, board games, packages/products, editorial, and she’s always happy to try new things. Her dream is to have a home in a beautiful place close to nature, a little vegetable garden, a spacious studio, and to keep making art with her husband till old.


Society of illustrators 61 Gold medal – Advertising
World Illustration Awards
Society of Illustrators LA
Applied Art student winner
AOI Prize for Illustration
Creative Quarterly 100 best annual 2017
Creative Quarterly 46 winner
Hiii 2016 Best of the best


秉持永續生活態度的台灣插畫家。念了經濟系卻決定轉道插畫,留學於美國馬里蘭藝術學院應用插畫研究所,畢業後跟先生花了一年半遊牧世界,現輪流居住於台灣與先生的國家哥倫比亞兩地。Cinyee 將放飛自我的心路歷程寫成書《人生就求一次如魚得水》,另著有繪本《青春之石》,合作繪本《Winter Sleep》。其風格結合了手繪與電繪的特色,曾用於動畫、繪本、刊物、書籍、桌遊、商品包裝等,但現在更喜歡繪本。夢想的生活是在山青水秀的地方有個家、一塊小菜圃、一個大空間的創作工作室,與先生一起慢慢創作到老。