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    Only The Trees Know|合作繪本

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          written by Jane Whittingham illustrated by Cinyee Chiu   It tells the story of a frustrated little rabbit who longs for spring...

    Editorial 2020 – 2022|刊物插畫

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    An Explorer’s Cartography of Already Settled Lands     Safari Wander     Turkish Table     Lin Hwai-min 林懷民     Alishan 阿里山   War...

    Winter Sleep|四季繪本

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    Author: Sean Taylor & Alex Morss Illustrator: Cinyee Chiu Children's book series, with a narrative story as the first part and...


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    The Younique Foundation runs a retreat for women that have been sexually assaulted, and this video is about one...


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    A six-spreads comic I did under the theme Season. A lady came to a market and started her journey collecting...

    Harvest Island|四季之春

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    Harvest Island is a Taiwanese boardgame, in which players play the role of farmers, planting different fruits based on...

    24 solar terms|二十四節氣

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    A personal project in 2014. I designed and illustrated animals for the traditional East Asian 24 solar terms.For each term,...