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    Let excitement guide you


    Our body is closer to our inner wisdom than our mind. Body sensations are also subconscious language!
    It’s just that we are so used to living in our brains and thoughts that we rarely live in our bodies.

    If you’re looking for direction, you can simply ask yourself:

    What can you do to make yourself feel motivated and excited?

    Things that make you feel very engaged, make you forget about time and bring you to the flow state of mind. It may be the strongest hint for you now. (This is talking about creative or constructive things. watching TV or staying in bed to the point you lost the sense of time… doesn’t count.) Maybe you enjoy drawing, writing stories, or talking with people… You just don’t get tired. You even feel fulfilled doing it. This is a sign that this direction is worth exploring at this moment.

    Even if this thing does not become your lifelong career in the end, there must be a reason why you are passionate about it at this moment.

    It could be that it’s a key move for you to enter the next direction. Even if you don’t want to go deep with it in the long run, you have to make this key move to see the next direction. It was after I learn hypnosis, that I start to feel curious about spiritual knowledge and further develop the content I’m sharing on my Instagram now. If there is something clear that you enjoy doing right now, something that brings you energy, allow yourself to immerse in it!

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