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    I had the chance to draw for some depression-themed poems. To depict the sensitivity of a depressed mind, I used ink...

    Feminist Shopping

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    Female has great shopping power, which can be a strong force to change the market and the...

    Affordable Wedding

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    For an article I share the preparation and cost of our affordable wedding. article...

    City Player

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    Shortlisted for the Sound of The City exhibition, The Prize for Illustration...


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    Editorial illustration for the Johns Hopkins Health...

    Be Liked

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    To build the connection with people, you need something other than professional...

    Look Back to Taiwan

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    The topic is the discussions about the negative sides of the Taiwan, those parts you hope can be improved. Some...

    The High Cost of Low Price

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    People usually feel attracted to the low price, no matter for consumers or employers. But knowing the hidden cost behind...

    Wenmeng Building

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    For a story about a building in Taipei, which used to be a brothel when sex work was still...

    Covered History

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    A reaction piece for the phenomenon after the Taiwanese horror game Detention became popular. Because the story is set back...