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    NaiXue Blessing Creatures

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    Illustration for the 2020 new year campaign for the Chinese tea brand NaiXue. I designed six creatures, representing six blessings....

    Roots 2018 Holiday Bag

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    Limited-edition holiday bags 2018 for Roots. I did a looping illustration with the theme holiday times. AllBookEditorialMotionOlder WorksOthersProductRoots 2018 Holiday BagProductFlora...

    Flora Exposition Ticket Set

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    Illustration for the ticket set for 2018 Taichung World Flora ExpositionTaichung's river map in the background as tree branches,...

    Seeding and Harvesting

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    Client: Asian Classic Input ProjectPackage design for a coin bank for a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of...

    Dragon Castle

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    Board game illustrationI did 21 animal cards and 15 dragon cards.Each animal card has different functions, and I combined...

    Black tea and green tea

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    Illustration for tea flavored snack. Black tea and green tea. AllBookEditorialMotionOlder WorksOthersProductRoots 2018 Holiday BagProductFlora Exposition Ticket SetProductSeeding and HarvestingProductThe Freedom...

    Harvest Island

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    Harvest Island is a Taiwanese boardgame, in which players play the role of farmers, planting different fruits based on...