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    Look Back to Taiwan

    The topic is the discussions about the negative sides of the Taiwan, those parts you hope can be improved.

    Some people might avoid talking about the problems, but some believe more discussion is the first step to the solution.


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    Commercial animation for HerDays herbal period pad. I was in charge of the illustrations and...

    Found You

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    A customized illustration for a wedding. I put the elements they share in their relationships and memories, and elements that represent...


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    I had the chance to draw for some depression-themed poems. To depict the sensitivity of a depressed mind, I used ink...

    2017 Notebook Collage

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    I had a challenge for myself in 2017, weekly notebook collage. The idea is to loosen my creative muscle and...

    Feminist Shopping

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    Female has great shopping power, which can be a strong force to change the market and the...

    Many Sages, One Tao

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    An interpretation of Tao Te Ching with connections to Western philosophy and culture. I approach to this philosophy classic in...

    Dragon Castle

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    Board game illustration I did 21 animal cards and 15 dragon cards. Each animal card has different functions, and I combined...


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    A six-spreads comic I did under the theme Season. A lady came to a market and started her journey collecting...

    Harvest Island

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          Harvest Island is a Taiwanese boardgame, in which players play the role of farmers, planting different fruits based on...

    The Short Seller

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    Book cover design for The Short Seller with Taiwan...

    Affordable Wedding

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    For an article I share the preparation and cost of our affordable wedding. article...

    City Player

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    Shortlisted for the Sound of The City exhibition, The Prize for Illustration...


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    Editorial illustration for the Johns Hopkins Health...

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