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    The High Cost of Low Price

    People usually feel attracted to the low price, no matter for consumers or employers.

    But knowing the hidden cost behind the low price, will you still make the same decision?

    Affordable Wedding

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    For an article I share the preparation and cost of our affordable wedding. article...

    City Player

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    Shortlisted for the Sound of The City exhibition, The Prize for Illustration...

    Be Liked

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    To build the connection with people, you need something other than professional...

    Look Back to Taiwan

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    The topic is the discussions about the negative sides of the Taiwan, those parts you hope can be improved. Some...

    Wenmeng Building

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    For a story about a building in Taipei, which used to be a brothel when sex work was still...

    Covered History

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    A reaction piece for the phenomenon after the Taiwanese horror game Detention became popular. Because the story is set back...

    Stone of Youth

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    Stone of Youth is a picture book I did for my MFA thesis project in MICA. A fable-like story...

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