The Younique Foundation runs a retreat for women that have been sexually assaulted, and this video is about one of these retreat attendees telling her story about her life between the time of the assault and attending the retreat. Essentially, how she found the strength and courage to begin addressing the trauma.
I was in charge of art directing, storyboard and illustration making. The Nocturnal Motion Design did the animating.

Younique 基金會為遭受性侵犯的女性舉辦靜修會。這個動畫是其中一位參加者講述了她在遭受性侵犯和參加靜修會之間的生命故事,以及最後她是如何找到開始解決創傷的力量和勇氣。

我在這個案子中主導了美術風格、分鏡、以及繪製插畫。The Nocturnal Motion Design 負責動畫製作。